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A Birth Story is the documentary story of your child’s birth through photography. This is non-invasive and a completely respectful form of capturing the story of your babies entrance into the world. Prior to delivery, we will talk in detail about your wishes and “plan” for the birth.

These sessions are taken during delivery as your little bundle of joy makes their debut into the world. These images are priceless, and incapable of being duplicated. They capture the raw emotion and joy that is unparalleled when your baby enters the world. I capture the details of the room - things that go unseen and forgotten, the reaction of mom and dad, the reaction of loved-ones you have chosen to share this incredible time with, as well as the very first glimpses of your precious baby. These pictures are an absolute honor to take and a treasure for you to keep.

Hiring a birth photographer frees up your support people and ensures you get those important moments captured. Your labor & birth will be photographed as it unfolds, in a photo-journalistic style. Having been on both sides of the birth process, I am sensitive to your needs as a laboring woman and understand my role is to document quietly, respectively, and unobtrusively. This also allows me to understand which special moments you may want and how to ensure that they are captured forever. Due to the nature of the session, most, if not all, images will be in black and white. 


Birth Story  | $525 (session + digitals)

This session includes the photographer's time beginning during active labor, typically near 7-8cm dilation, and up to one hour post delivery. Prior to delivery, we will talk in detail about your wishes and "plan" for the birth. You will receive 50+ professionally edited photos, a personal online gallery to share with friends and family. You will also receive a custom USB with all images from the birth of your little bundle. Additional copies if the images are available for download via the gallery. A non-refundable $150 deposit is required at the time of booking. Payment in full is required prior to 36 weeks of pregnancy. If pregnancy is further along at the time of booking your session, payment in full is required at the time of booking. Only one birth story session is booked per month.